Talk Takeaway: Bitcoin

Here are our experts take away points on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Charlie Morris, Newscape:

1. Ability to exchange value over the internet has been invented and it is here to stay. This space is real but highly speculative.

2. Extreme volatility has parallels with the late 1990s. It isn’t obvious who the winners are. Bitcoin may even become worthless while others take its place

3. The real world impact is likely to see networks interact with one another which will allow the world of e-commerce to balloon.

Lilia Severina, Fix Trade Global:

1. Crypto/Bitcoin is driving a revolution in the way we bank, invest and raise money for our businesses.  This new world is cheaper, more flexible, supports innovation and is GLOBAL!


2. If you haven’t invested yet, diversify and balance your portfolio across – currencies, store of value coins and utility-based tokens. 

3. Mining – 12% a month or 144% a year return, totally passive, like renting out a flat with no tenants bother.

4. Consider training to learn where the best opportunities are

Rishi Chowdhury, Incubus:

1. You can usually tell who is holding Bitcoin and who isn’t – Those holding big it up and those without call it a bubble. In other words there are a lot of biased opinions out there, so take advice with a pinch of salt and make the effort to learn more about it.
2. Following on from that note, it’s certainly worth having skin in the game. It helps you understand it more. That’s why I initially invested. I read into the subject more as I was invested into it, even if that is just a few hundred pounds at first. You’ll start noticing what impacts the price, you’ll get used to the volatility and you’ll end up reading up more about it and noticing more conversations about the space, especially some of the other coins out there which may offer more value and potential for growth.
3. If you’re not day trading don’t be worried by the huge fluctuations. Invest and don’t check every day as you’ll drive yourself crazy. Invest what you’re willing to lose and see what happens over time. Many invested at the peak as there was so much hype around the space but got scared and sold as prices dropped 30% in a few days earlier this week. They lost out. Hold on, don’t get spooked and enjoy the ride.

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